Nature All Around Us—The Week Of The Flood

Backstreets and Alleys is an adventure in learning to see nature  in everyday experiences. The ordinary is extraordinary. My back yard, an alley, city streets all contain the wonder of nature normally reserved for grand mountains or magnificent sunsets. We just need to learn to see.

This week, my little city, indeed the entire state, is experiencing the devastating magnitude of nature.

The smell of mud and dampness. Rotting vegetation and livestock mix with raw sewage.  Poultry, cattle, and hog feed lots wash clean as the manure joins the stream. Unflushed toilets, unwashed bodies, damp clothing.

The taste of salty tears—brackish and boiled water.

Sounds of sirens, helicopters, and heavy equipment. Emergency broadcast notifications scream across television airwaves. Doors stick and refuse to open or close without a slam or bang. And after the roar of wind and waters, the quiet. Highways closed—traffic silenced. The railway tracks are washed away, so no mournful lullaby of passing trains in the night.

Everywhere dampness–soggy newspapers, sticky surfaces.

The largest helicopter evacuation since hurricane Katrina. As of yesterday:

– 200 miles of affected area, including 17 counties
– 17,494 homes damaged, 1,502 destroyed
– 5 people confirmed dead, 1,253 reported missing
– 11,700 people evacuated
– 1,872 people staying in shelters

These images:

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25 thoughts on “Nature All Around Us—The Week Of The Flood”

  1. catching up with your news……
    Your words “The railway tracks are washed away, so no mournful lullaby of passing trains in the night.” bring back that sound of trains in the night that I remember from my only visit (many moons ago) to the US.

    1. I love the sound of trains–it is rather haunting, I think. The sound is resuming–and doubled the trips as road gravel is being hauled through the city to repair all the damaged highways and roads.

  2. It is so good to hear from you, Alice. The photos on the news are hard to believe, really! I am just so sorry…for everyone affected in your beautiful state, and in some way, that would be each of you! I do hope that you haven’t been directly affected with loss. I can still understand those tears. oxo

  3. 17,494 homes damaged… Sorry to hear so many people are going through this… My thoughts and prayers are with them. Hope you and your family are safe, Alice.

  4. Thank goodness you posted – I had been worried. The photos and videos have been mind-numbing and heartbreaking. Keep safe, and know there are folks thinking about you…
    Just in case Linda (Dayphoto) hasn’t gotten back to you, she and Terry are fine – no damage at their place. Whew!

    1. I was watching the reports near Linda’s land. I am glad they are okay. Thanks for worrying…it is mind-numbing and overwhelming. Thank goodness so many are moved to action and aid.

  5. OH, Alice! I’m so sorry to see this devastations, but glad you are okay. I’ve been following on the news, and it is just awful. Please stay safe, and just know that everyone in the affected area has the thoughts and prayers of so many, many of us! Living in Florida, I have some idea of the unbelievably destructive power of water. Sending loads of positive energy and love your way!

    1. I am sure your prayers and the prayers of others have aided in many ways. Nature is incredible in its power–yes, hurricanes and winds are in your area. Here on the plains we at least had some warning–those in the mountains were not as lucky. They had incredible rains that made the creeks and rivers rage through canyons–We are at the confluence of 3 rivers that got the runoff, so the flooding was a mile wide in places.

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