Pumpkins and Peppers and Dogs and Cats

Before all the red and green of Christmas
before all the white of snow—
I want to bask in the fire of peppers
and sunset caught in pumpkins’ glow.


Sadly, in early fall, we lost the Old Dog, Cerveza. He laid his head on a pillow, looked around one last time for his boys, and went to everlasting sleep.

Just days ago, Clive went to sleep in a laundry basket beside my bed and never awakened. I miss his orneriness and his comfort and courage.

37 thoughts on “Pumpkins and Peppers and Dogs and Cats”

    1. Oh, I will always miss my critters. The last, sad days of their lives do fade to remember the funny happy years. Wonder where they go when they die, these dear friends of ours.

  1. I’m playing blog catch up and I saw the title of your post and your photos and got all warm and fuzzy (and wow about the peppers) and then read your sad news – a roller coaster of emotions.
    Wishing you a very happy new year my friend x

    1. Yes, it was abit fragmented as a post…just hadn’t the heart to write full postings about the critters. A blessed new year to you as well–wonder what it will bring?

    1. As time passes, I remember the fun times, not the the images of pets saying goodbye. And I get to see kitties like yours pouncing around in good health.

    1. Thank you–Cerveza was 14 and was healthy and active up until his last few weeks. Clive Had been sick for so long–I fed him with a medicine dropper for months. He turned a corner and was gaining weight and was getting ornery when he took a sudden downturn. I sure miss his snuggles.

    1. Not sure the pets would have tolerated my playing. I got my first banjo when I was 16–my friends saved pennies and surprised me on my birthday with a huge bag full of pennies for a banjo. Bought it at a pawn shop in downtown Denver and kept my parents awake for years.

    1. Yes, and those peppers are hot! I do love the colors. They are dying nicely and I will turn them into pepper flakes, I think. Yes, the dear furry souls are missed.

  2. Oh Alice – how good to hear from you,. and what beautiful photos, so dreamy and atmospheric
    So sad to hear about your darlings – what a double whammy – It hurts, I know…Love to you, Valerie

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